Living Balanced and Listening To Your Body

Tips from our Sleep Coach Brody Elkins


Let’s get the basics out of the way. I eat clean, I move my body every day, I drink lots of water, I get sunshine on my body, I enjoy my work, and I surround myself with loving people. I feel that these are the foundations to true health. Now, over the months, I’ve found that these extra things (in no particular order) have contributed to improving my mood, mental strength and ability to perform.

  • Cold showers & contrast showers – every morning. They do not get easier, sucks every time, but its game changer for me.
  • Walking in the sunshine – Everyday.
  • Meditation – 20 minutes everyday. The greatest benefit related to stress, for me, has been significantly decreased emotional reactivity.
  • Worry Journal, Gratitude Journal, Morning Pages – Especially at night, if I’m feeling particularly stressed.
  • ASMR for sleep – right before bed.
  • Daily Fasting – for me, this means cutting out all food 3 hours before I get into bed. If I eat late, I can almost guarantee you I’m going to feel much more like a sack of turd the next morning.
  • Periodic 24-hour fasts – While I don’t think this directly increases my HRV, I always feel much better the couple days after a 24 hour fast. It’s always a nice reset to my system that improves my vitality.
  • Not checking phone notifications – for the first and last hour of the day. I cannot tell you how much of a stress reliever this is. I’ve noticed that if I break this rule or check too many times throughout the day (like during this quarantine) my stress goes up.
  • Being vulnerable with my emotions – this is one of the biggest stress relievers I know. I ALWAYS sleep better, feel better, think better if I talk about what’s weighing on me with a loved one.

When it comes down to it, the better I can manage the stress in my life, the better I feel. I want to emphasize that there’s no shortcut to health. There’s no one secret “health hack” that is going to get you there. Health is a practice, and it starts with listening to yourself. Over years of experimenting and trying things for myself, I’ve built a greater awareness around what my body needs, and then I listen! In other words, I take care of myself. Self-care is my foundation and my number one priority. That’s my health hack.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!