To empower people to do more of what
they want by reinventing the way they sleep.

The Beginning

When we began to see sleep not as a luxury but as a necessity, our entire student experience changed. Sleep gave us the power. And we want to share that power with you.

We started LET’S JUST SLEEP to fill a serious need. There were no companies that offered the products or the systems or even the basic knowledge that we desperately needed to address the unique challenge facing us and all college students. How do we achieve true sleep optimization?

So we created a platform for doing just that!

Are you tired of being tired? We were. And now we would like to help you see and live a better reality. Our journey and our passion is your personal growth and development. For us, it all begins and ends with sleep. And when we sleep great, the result is slam-dunk inevitable.

We live great.

Evan Drill

Chief Executive Officer - Let’s Just Sleep

All my life I’ve loved the grind. I need it. And during my freshman year at NYU I decided to put my work ethic towards something meaningful. That summer I worked with a mentor to learn how to build a business. During this time my energy, productivity, and most importantly my happiness skyrocketed. Why? How? Simple: I started sleeping right. Learning the power of sleep has changed my life. It has unlocked a new level of myself I never knew existed. That summer it clicked; I wanted to create a platform to empower others to do the same. That’s my goal. That’s why I get out of bed everyday. I want everyone who joins the LJS family to use great sleep to create a great life. 

Brody Elkins

Chief Operating Officer - Let’s Just Sleep

Easy does not excite me. In easy, I am empty. In easy, I am misaligned. I have no desire for easy. So I search for the difficult. I seek challenge. I go towards my fears – Because it is hard. Because its fulfilling. It makes me better. That excites me. I am in pursuit of becoming. In this journey of personal development, great sleep is my bedrock. It allows me to bring my best self to what and who I love every day. And I am obsessed with giving that to as many people as possible.