Sleep Mask Headphones

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In a world of constant stimulation, our sleep mask headphones let you disconnect, recenter, and relax.




We set out to create the best sleep mask headphones on the market.

We took the most effective sleep mask and redesigned it to comfortably fit our custom Bluetooth speakers. We designed our mask to do three things extremely well. First, to block light. A lot of sleep masks let light in because they do not properly conform to the face. Our 3D hollow eye contours and nose flap ensure a comfortable fit that blocks out 100% of light. Second, to produce high-quality sound. Other sleep headphone models we tested had very weak, low quality speakers that just did not get the job done. We worked with our manufacturer to create a powerful speaker that is as sleek as possible. Third, to feel great. Our mask is made to be extra soft while remaining cool on your head throughout the night. Our mask is also completely versatile. If the speakers don’t fit over your ears, you can gently slide them to ensure a perfect fit. The speakers are also removable so you can wash the mask, or enjoy it without speakers. After months of designing and testing we are confident we have created the best sleep mask headphones to date.


  • Loud roommates
  • Noisy streets
  • Sleep
  • Naps
  • Travel
  • Hotels
  • Meditation
  • Study breaks


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Removable speakers
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton, polyester, & Spandex
  • Micro-Velcro Strap
  • Battery Life: 10+ hours
  • Charging Cable and Carrying Case Included
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22 reviews for Sleep Mask Headphones

  1. Paul Elkins

    I love the sleep mask headphones! Lightweight, flexible, effective, and great speaker!

  2. Steve

    This product works better than I expected! Very comfortable and the sound reproduction is terrific!

  3. Michelle

    Stumbled upon these and they were so great I had to leave a review (which I never do)!! They’re my new essential product, can’t sleep without them!

  4. Sosh Behnia

    The sleep mask headphones are very comfortable and block out all light and noise allowing for a good nights sleep every night. I wear mine every night and I wake up every morning ready to win the day!

  5. Scott

    Fantastic at blocking out the noise and light pollution in my city apartment, I’ve been sleeping much better since I recieved then

  6. Scott

    A god send if you live in a big city with thin windows like I do, my sleep has improved drastically since purchasing this mask

  7. Josh

    Helped improve my sleep so much. Super comfortable and great sound. Can’t recommend these enough!

  8. Aaron

    I’m not a big reviewer on Amazon. But I really liked this product and with a lot of options for sleep headphones I just wanted to share my 2 cents on this mask and hopefully help you guys out.

    There are 3 reasons why I believe this mask by Let’s Just Sleep is superior to the others I see on Amazon. (My guess is because this mask is newer so they were probably able to improve upon the original versions of the mask)

    1. Great Sound quality. One of the main complaints of other sleep masks that I read during my research was that the speakers had very low sound quality. I can’t see that being an issue with this mask. They use a different shaped speaker than most, which is probably why it sounds better. I don’t even need to use them on full volume, and it still drowns out most of the ambient noise from my house and the street (I live in New York City).

    2. Design. This mask has hollowed-out pockets for your eyes. This makes for a much more comfortable mask.I’ve never liked flat sleep masks because they put pressure on my eyes. The hollow eye holes seems to conform better, almost matching the natural curves of the face. This is why I think the mask is very good at blocking light. Also, if you wear eye makeup the mask won’t smudge or mess it up (my girlfriend can confirm this). The pattern of the mask is also unique. Whether is helps with sleep or not, it definitely doesn’t hurt and it looks pretty cool to boot.

    3. High- quality Materials. While the outside velvet seems to be made of a similar material to most masks on Amazon, the inside cushion is definitely higher quality. This mask uses some sort of memory foam that is not only very soft but is also cool to the touch. This is a big plus for me because I do not want to be wrapped in a hot mask while falling asleep. (Also in my research, I found that the brain actually needs to drop in temperature to fall asleep easily, so this mask might help with that). I also noticed that they use micro-velcro on the strap as opposed to regular velcro. Micro-velcro doesn’t pull hair or get caught in any loose fabric, which is a big plus.

    Overall, I am happy with this purchase. Its a pretty nifty product and I can see myself using it not only for sleeping and naps, but also for travel and even meditation. If you’re looking for sleep mask headphones, I highly recommend this version. Since it arrived I’ve actually been falling asleep a lot easier and I get a little excited to use it every night!

    Some additional Pros and Cons:
    Super easy to use and connect to bluetooth
    High quality
    If speakers don’t fit over your ear, you can adjust them by sliding them over a tad
    Doesn’t charge super fast, but seems to be consistent with the other models
    Battery life is decent

  9. Giles

    The coolest product I’ve found so far this year. I am finally sleeping better, thanks to this product!

  10. Reed Pike

    My roommate didn’t want me falling asleep with music on, and I hated putting on real headphones to sleep because they we uncomfortable. The combo of light blocking and music that this mask provides is really what I was looking for. I never used a sleep mask before trying this but now I really can’t go back, this is really the best all in one sleep solution

  11. Aaron Marcus

    Ever since I purchased this I’ve been sleeping like a rock. I’ve had sleep issues my whole life and when I wear this it’s like I can finally wake up well rested.

  12. Ben

    This mask has truly changed my life. I’ve had trouble sleeping after the moving into a new place with 4 other roommates. They’re all in college and love to stay up late and since my room is next to the living room I could never go to sleep when I wanted to. After getting the mask I’ve been able to go to bed whenever! I highly recommend

  13. Alexa

    This sleep mask surpasses any others on the market. I travel a ton and I bring this with me on flights especially. It’s compact, the noise cancelation is exceptional, and it’s super comfortable. Would definitely recommend!

  14. Riley

    I’m in college in New York, and for months I would wake up thoroughly annoyed by the rush of cars and their headlights. It was like having a toddler, except that toddler was second avenue. So, I looked into sleep masks and came across this one. I was expecting to use earplugs or something else for the sound, but this wrapped it all in one. I bought it to give it a try, and my god have my nights improved. Now if I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of a jarring car horns and bright lights, its rain sounds and back to sleep.

    As for the eye mask itself, its always been something I figured sleeping with one would be hard, I’d get sweaty, etc. Not the case. I got this and honestly think it cools my head down. Something about the inside lining is completely cool when I touch it, and the eyes fit comfortably. The fit entirely is more comfortable than I’ve experienced when even the most minimal sleep masks have felt like an annoyance. All in all, I’m really happy I bought this product. It really has made such a positive impact on my sleep and I am ever grateful.

  15. Bill

    Living with 5 other people can make it hard to wind down before bed, but the Sleep Mask Headphones have made falling asleep much easier for me. Easy 5 stars.

  16. Alex

    I had trouble sleeping, and I think lot of it was because there was too much light in my room. I tried a lot of different methods that just didn’t work; not even a little bit. I found this product on amazon, and found it helped a lot. I wake up feeling better than before I used this product.

  17. Jake

    This mask works really well — I use it more for naps than for sleeping at night, but there’s really no better way to ensure a restful nap than this. It works perfectly for blocking out like and noise and I’ve found a ton of new sound clips that I probably wouldn’t have explored if I didn’t get this mask. Than you Let’sJustSleep!!

  18. Fernando

    I have been experimenting with sleeping masks for a while now since I share my bedroom with a friend who snores so much. I wasn’t being able to fall asleep because of how loud it was. I am already someone who overthinks a lot so it would always take me a while to sleep either way. I found the solution to my issues in sleeping masks. After trying a couple of different options, I have to say that this one is by far my favorite. The other ones I tried were super uncomfortable and as I tried to lay down on my side, the headphone would hurt my ear as it would press it against the bed – I did not find that issue with this mask. The quality of the speakers in this mask is amazing as it does a good job in canceling background noise and if I play my frequency music high enough, I can’t hear anything else. Something I love very much. The price is very reasonable for the product you are receiving – definitely recommend the purchase as it is an investment in your health!

  19. Luke

    I had tried so many sleep products that didn’t work for me before using this mask. It’s extremely helpful in drowning out my noisy neighbors when I’m trying to sleep early. I really love how comfortable it is as well as the Bluetooth function. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know who has trouble sleeping.

  20. Eric

    Amazing product, helped me sleep when the lights were too bright, or the plane was too uncomfortable. Highly recommend to anyone with trouble sleeping. Works well with sleep meditation techniques, to meditation itself.

  21. Tucker

    I was having such a hard time sleeping while my roommates stayed up into the night. These are so chill and comfortable and help lull you into a deep sleep when you have light and noise around you. The combo of a super comfy sleeping mask and bluetooth headphones in one unit with no wires is great. I used to put on headphones separately to try and get the same effect- but these are an elegant product that seem pretty high quality for the price.

  22. Tyler

    Best sleep I have had in a long time! Comfortable and amazing sound quailty!
    A great investment to get a good night sleep in a busy city.

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