Slogan And Cartoon Graphic PJ Set
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Slogan And Cartoon Graphic PJ Set

Slogan And Cartoon Graphic PJ Set

  • 100% Black Out Guaranteed 
  • Completely Adjustable 
  • Removable Bluetooth Speakers
  • 3D Eye Contours Guaranteeing Zero Eye Pressure

"NO LIGHT GETS IN! Completely dark! ... And it's comfy to boot." -Glenn R., USA


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Sleep is too important to leave to chance. so don’t.

Meet the sleep mask that single-handedly made all other masks obsolete.

The only mask designed, constructed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment.

Because better sleep means better everything.





Look for in the Best Sleeping Mask

We took the most effective sleep mask and redesigned it to comfortably fit our custom Bluetooth speakers. We designed our mask to do three things extremely well. First, to block light. A lot of sleep masks let light in because they do not properly conform to the face. Our 3D hollow eye contours and nose flap ensure a comfortable fit that blocks out 100% of light.Second, to produce high-quality sound. Other sleep headphone models we tested had very weak, low quality speakers that just did not get the job done. We worked with our manufacturer to create a powerful speaker that is as sleek as possible.

The Benefits of Sleep Masks

  • Help you fall asleep faster
  • Increase the quality of your sleep
  • Allow you to sleep in disruptive environments
  • Completely block all light
  • Be made of soft, comfortable, and breathable material

According to a study written up in the National Sleep Foundation, participants who slept with eye masks experienced both physical and psychological benefits. They were also far less prone to disruptions in their sleep patterns than those who slept without masks.

How does lets just sleep compare?

Lets just sleep MaskGeneric sleep mask
Great for back, belly and side sleep
Boosts rem and deep sleep
100% blackoutX
Zero pressure on eyesX
Infinitely adjustable for personalized fitX
Won't crush eyelashesX
Swappable strap and eye cupsX
Durable, high-quality materialsX

Sleep Mask Lovers

How To Use

  • 'TO TURN MASK ON' Hold middle button for 4 seconds or until blue and red light flashes. you can even pull the speaker out to make sure!
  • To connect mask to device Mask will say "connected" when paired.
  • 'TO TURN MASK OFF' Hold middle button down for 3 seconds or until red light flashes and stops.
  • Gently remove the first speaker
  • Use your fingers to slide the second speaker through the mask to the velco opening until both speakers are completely removed from the mask.

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